iDeas for Writing Features

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Creative Idea Generators

First lines, titles, characters and words

Thousands of fantastic suggestions to give a boost to your novels, scripts, tales, stories... to inspire you or to use as a starting point for the app’s exercises.

First Lines 

The starting point for all your stories

An idea generator with thousands of suggestions, in which the app suggests a sentence as the beginning for a tale, a novel, a script... the story you’ve always wanted to tell.


The best titles for your novel

Thousands of suggestions for naming your novel, short story or script. An idea generator with titles of all types and genres in order to offer you the best ideas.


Meet The Lead Characters for your Stories

With the character generator, you’ll get hundreds of different profiles as suggestions to start shaping your stories’ protagonists.

Writing Workshop

Practice your writing wherever you are

A complete literary workshop with tons of exercises in different categories and difficulty levels, so you can perfect your technique and take full advantage of the app’s creative idea generators.


Only available for the iOS version

A practical notebook so that you can write in the app, do the workshop exercises, take notes, and always have your ideas at hand so that inspiration doesn’t catch you unprepared.

Organize your Ideas

Only available for the iOS version

You can mark your favorite exercises, save the suggestions you like the best, and modify them as you please.

Export and Share

Only available for the iOS version

Export the notes and ideas you want. You can send them via email, send them to another app, share them or print them.

Edit Your Prompts

Only available for the iOS version

Edit your favorite prompts to create new ones and keep them all together in the Saved Prompts section of the app.